I drink a lot of coffee, and I use humor to put you at ease. I love my camera and it loves me. I can charm your grandma into smiling and maybe coax your grumpy uncle into grinning. When it’s time to take formal pictures, I’m not afraid to take charge of your rambunctious wedding party. If your dance floor is packed, and you’re riding your new husband’s back, I’ll be there to capture it (you can either thank me or make me delete it later). If you want to fly me to Korea and feed me some kimchi, while I document your wedding week, buy the ticket. If you want to trash your dress in Chicago’s Buckingham Fountain, I’ve done it, so let’s figure something else out. To me, wedding photographs shouldn’t be a drag. It’s your party so keep the good times rolling, it’ll show in the pictures. But If you dislike posing, I can always quietly document the tears from the sidelines. I’m always on time and I’ve never missed a wedding. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.